Feb 1, 2010


Inspired by the classical italian game "Zicchinetta", I come up with this pinball-like game.
To score a point, you have to use the flippers to push the ball in the green zone.
Since this is more a proof of concept than a game, that are no goals to achieve or enemies to destroy... sorry :-)

This time I'll release the source code because the physaxe library has no documentation and I spent something like 8 hours to make the flippers work.
If your problems is, like mine, to move static objects, I can anticipate you the solution: set the isStatic field of your body object to true, update its position manually at every frame and call the world.sync function passing it the body reference.
Furthermore, use the phx.Shape groups variable to avoid collisions between your manually moved objects and the background static object. I used groups=1 for the background objects, groups=2 for the flippers and groups=1|2 for the ball.

Enjoy the Zicky flash game! ;-)
...and it's photorealistic fire effect...


Taconessintapas said...

It's very funny!!!

I can't wait to see more new games!!

victoria said...

It's very nice!!!!
I like the game

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