Apr 13, 2010

Spring Cat

Welcome to the second Game Inventor!

An anonymous challenged The Game Inventor with this request: a Cat must Jump in a Forest when the user Presses some Keys to Eat.
Since I were out of time with my relocation, I used again the physaxe library.
There are some static objects and some clouds with isStatic to true.

This time I added some animated birds using swfmill frames.
Again, the drawing program is InkScape but this time the drawer is Nieves ;-)
Since she used some heavy filters on top of svg files, we preferred to export the graphics in png format.

On this game I had some problems since Nieves was drawing while I was programming. At the end, the physics objects were not aligned with the two trees' branches. The solution was quite easy: divide the background into two different png: a transparent foreground image with trees and a solid background.
By drawing the physaxe world and the foreground, you can simply align the physics elements with the image details. After that, you can avoid to draw the physaxe world and reactivate the background drawing.
To play the SpringCat haxe game, use the left and right arrows keys to change the cat angle and press the space bar to jump.
You must eat all the 5 birds to win.

Post your Best times as comments of this post ;)
Mine is 24 seconds!

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I also publish the source code hoping you'll find it useful. ;-)

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