Feb 6, 2010


I'm back with THE FIRST GAME INVENTOR!!! :-D

TaconesSinTapas challenged The Game Inventor with this request: a Tomato must Eat in a Fridge when the user Presses a Key to Become Ketchup.

For this game, I choose to play with the angular velocity of the tomato.
Again, I used the fast physaxe library to build add static objects to the world and I added some graphics on top of it. The news about this game is that all the background graphics are loaded from a resource file created with swfmill.
The program I used to draw the background is another great open source application: InkScape.
I saved the InkScape file as a standard SVG and I wrote the resource.xml file.
I compiled it using
swfmill simple resources.xml resources.swf

Remember to add the
-swf-lib resources.swf
line to your compile.hxml file before to use the resource from your code with

To play the Salsa haxe game, use the left and right arrows keys to change the angular velocity of the tomato.
Remember: you MUST eat all the 5 aubergine slices before to enter in the blender.

Post your Best times as comments of this post ;)
Mine is 41 seconds!

To request your game, go to The Game Inventor page.

I also publish the source code hoping you'll find it useful. ;-)


Taconessintapas said...

Mine is 100...

I like the tomato!!!!

Renato said...


Chimita said...

Qué se supone que hay que hacer para jugar????

Renato said...

Hay que, primero hacer click en el area de juego para que tome el foco y, luego, usar la flecha derecha o izquierda para mover al tomate. El objectivo es de recoger todas las 5 pelotas violeta antes de tirarse a la batidora en el minor tiempo posible. Para subir hasta arriba hay que tomar carrerilla y rebotar.
Tal vez me ha salido demasiado complicato esto...

Chimita said...

Ja ja, no tengo ni idea, sólo consigo darle a la primera bola lila. Imposible que el tomate pase de la especie de maderita esa :S jeje.

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