Feb 1, 2010


So... let's start with my first flash game!
I wrote Ponxe in more or less 4 hours while I was taking the first haXe steps.
Since this is the first game, I'm going to tell you some details.

Since there are no decent IDE for haXe, I installed and used the fastest: geany.
Geany is freeware and compatible with linux and Mac (using macports).
The biggest obstacle I found programming Ponxe was the use of flash.display.Shape class.
You must remember to close each beginFill wit an endFill to avoid the overlapping of shapes that can cause holes in your final image.
Since there are a lot of tutorials for haXe basic concepts, I'm not going to release the source code of this game.
Enjoy Ponxe!


victoria said...

This game is easier than the inventor of the "tomato"
Good luck in Norway

Renato said...

Thanks, but this game isn't mine.

victoria said...

Ah,ah,...I thought the game was yours

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